Collaborating with the Tissue Biomarker Lab/Center for Immuno-Oncology

The goal of the Tissue Biomarker Laboratory is to provide basic, translational, and clinical investigators with biomarker data to further collaborative research goals.

In this role, our laboratory offers help and expertise in the optimization of novel analytical tests (antibodies, FISH probes, multiplex immunofluorescence panels) and also in the design, data acquisition, and data analysis of all scientific projects that benefit from such analysis.

Collaboration with the Tissue Biomarker Laboratory offers access to cutting-edge multiplex immunofluorescence technology platforms and data analysis tools, as well as guidance in experimental design by experts in the fields of pathology and immuno-oncology. 

Submission process for collaborations

Collaborators should contact Tissue Biomarker Laboratory Director Scott Rodig, MD, PhD, or Lead Scientist Kathy Pfaff, PhD, to discuss their experimental proposal (download the project proposal form).